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Are you looking for an original gift and personalized? Do you want to give new life to an object to which you are particularly fond of, or customize your home with a drawing or a photograph that you yourself have chosen or created? Decorations Digital i, housewares and photoceramics Castel D'Azzano, a few kilometers from Verona, is for you.

Activities born in January 2012 with the idea of Elisa Mambrin, owner, to create objects that are unique and can be considered our really Decorations Digital is responsible for decoration and personalization through digital printing, applied by hand and baked in the oven, on different media , first of all ceramic, but also glass and enamelled metal, for example.

A large number of articles are available for the decorations, from mugs and cups, glasses, plates, watches, key rings, until you get to wall tiles for bathroom and kitchen - lots of gift items and home! A Castel D ' Azzano (Verona) Pattern Type also proposes smaller items, such as gems and jewelry on which you can print a picture or drawing.

Through the use of technologically advanced equipment and a precise manual work, in the laboratory of Digital decorations you can get excellent results and very original, with bright colors and durable.

Digital decorations, household items, gifts and photoceramics, Castel D'Azzano (Verona) is waiting for you to give shape to your imagination.



Decorations by digital printing on different types of materials (ceramics, glass, metals, enamel etc.).
Decoration applied by hand and baked in the oven
Wide range of personal
Small accessories and jewelry, gifts and home

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Carla Rossetti Carla Rossetti 15/03/2013

Decori Digitali è un'ottima idea per un regalo originale e diverso dal solito: personalizzazione e decoro su ceramica, vetro, metallo smaltato ecc, su ogni tipo di articolo, per te e per la casa!


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